An orchid cactus goes into dormancy for eight to 10 weeks. Orchid cactus (Epiphyllum) are hanging plants with big, cup-shaped flowers. I agree that you should stay with the moss if that is what you’ve been successful with. Some are even called Phalaenopsis-type Dendrobiums. Fun! And I had to cut some of the roots off because of root rot… please if you can give me any advice I would greatly appreciate it and I’m sorry for the long message but I really want to save her, thank you in advance and have a blessed say.? I just re-potted them once I noticed what was happening. The orchid cactus needs moderate indoor humidity levels of about 40 percent to 50 percent. Second, mix cinnamon with Elmer’s school glue and apply it where you cut away the black growths. Also back to the first phal I mentioned, it hasn’t spiked in almost a year. Assuming you are growing phalaenopsis orchids, here is a link to a Phalaenopsis Care Card with specific light and temperature requirements to help you bloom your orchids: Here is another link about the orchid growth cycle that will help you determine when to expect flowers: Hi Anna, When buds appear to be developing normally and then suddenly abort it is called bud blast and is due to an abrupt environmental change, such as fluctuations in temperature and watering. After the feeding cycle, leave the plant alone and let it rest for the winter. Having said that, leathery leaves indicate a problem with watering. Michelle, Hi, great article! Josephine, You can feed or apply fertilizer starting early spring until the fall. If there are very few roots left, raise the humidity level for the plant and wait for the plant to grow more roots. This cattleya orchid’s roots are in great shape. Mary, recommends that you water your orchid cactus weekly but that you should allow the top two to three inches of soil to dry out completely before you re-water. PLEASE let me know if you find any more broken links. After examining your roots, you’ll know if you need to water more or less. I found plenty of rotten medium and rotted roots which I trimmed away but after finding these black growths I’m worried they are a sign my little plant may be beyond my limited experience to save. Some of my roots have brown on them and some have dried at the ends and I’ve broken them off. I have shriveled aerial roots. Check again in a few days. There is a rather long “stem” (about 9 inches) with lots of air roots and leaves only on the top 1.5 inches of the plant. Her leaves have gone limp and her steam has dried up. Do not repot your orchid cactus when it is in bloom because this can cause pot-shock. HOW TO UNDERSTAND THOSE CURIOUS ORCHID ROOTS I think that you’ll find my reply about that lavender and white orchid. I have checked her roots and they look healthy. They flower starting February, and some would still keep flowering well into July. I feel like I’m watering “blind.” While I love the look of the potted orchid watering is a challenge in this medium. Moving your plant to a dark, cooler place during the dormant period will respond better. Over time i have lost lower leaves and gained new ones, but after 12 years i have a very “odd” looking Orchid. Hasn’t bloom in Two years. Megan, Megan, When I pulled the plants they had very little to no roots. It is best to place it somewhere where the plant can get full morning sun but does not get exposed to direct sunlight during high noon and in the afternoon. I don’t have upright leaves. Can you suggest what I should try. Guilty as charged. Because you potted them in clear pots you can see if the wood has dried out. Email me at [email protected] I soaked two beautifully blooming (and very dry) phals and forgot to take them out of the soaking pot for 12 hours. I just break off one section and tear it into about 3 pieces. That is frustrating and disappointing! Anyone who knows kindly respond. Best, I was given orchids on Mother’s day and then I bought myself another one on Easter. I live in a dry climate, so this method works great for my orchids. Fortunately, overwatering is a fate that can easily be avoided. Well, most plant life functions best when temperatures are above freezing point throughout the year. They made buds on the spikes but they never progressed much beyond being bumps on the stems. If your orchids leaves are leathery and limp there is a watering problem. Its healthy enough, but really strange looking. Best, Healthy roots mean healthy leaves! Orchid roots are generally only bright green right after they have been watered and will turn the silvery green after a few days. Those in distress or finished blooming are marked down and I look for the best and buy those. a little limp. I thought I did everything right and they’d be doing much better. The importance of Orchid Cactus is high as its benefits are more and so are Orchid Cactus Facts.Every gardener must look for the required information on this plant before planting it. What an excellent orchid caretaker you are! Once you’ve identified the watering problem, you’re halfway to solving limp orchid leaves. Have a great day, For aeration and purification purposes, you can also add generous amounts of charcoal that are crushed into small bits. Most of the ones grown in homes today are hybrids, and they come in gorgeous red, pink, orange, yellow, purple, white, and even bicolored ones. Other orchids, those with pseudobulbs, like to dry out between watering. This is easily done if the orchid is growing in a clear plastic pot – otherwise, it can be tricky. When do new stems grow? And the top of the plant has died. Is it salvageable? My recommendation to to water the orchids frequently. I am not sure what is going on with the brown leaf with white stuff on top, you could trim that leaf away with some sterilized scissors. It sounds like you re-potted the orchid with a fresh orchid potting mix. One is green and beautiful while the other one turned brown and doesn’t appear to have survived being potted. Yes, I would say that your experience is not unusual. Could you place your orchids in clear liner pots and then place the liner pot inside the Chinese porcelain bowls? Sadly, limp leaves will never become as stiff and upright as they once were. Hi thank you so much for the great information. Generally I recommend leaving aerial roots alone, but if you’re sure their dead, go ahead and snip them off. I’m so sorry to hear your orchids suffered bud blast! Hi Anna, Annika, When seemingly healthy buds abort it is called bud blast and is caused by environmental changes, too little water, too much water, temperature fluctuations etc. I value your advice. Most times, limp leaves mean that the orchid is getting too much water. Some are vibrant green mixed with some that have dried up and turned brown. Thanks for reaching out. The result is both pretty and interesting. Over time potting media breaks down and becomes compacted and more absorbent. I had changed the position due to very dry and sunny room to bathroom. I may have been wrong in identifying the good vs the bad ones. In Florida, it is much more humid and temperate than NY. There was a center part which was very dark looking.Unwilling cutoff the roots which I thought may have been necrotized. They are still not very well anchored in their new pots and tend to lean to one side. Watch for disease, like spotting on the leaves or fungus. Seems to be growing really well, but the leaves are drooping a little, roots are healthy and flowers have not shriveled or drooped.. It’s a little concerning…. I soaked the plant before posting as recommended by the grower. When the Christmas cactus is very limp and the soil is soggy, repot into fresh soil. They are a dark green and the rest of the leaves are all very green Disocactus ackermannii, commonly known as Red Orchid Cactus, is an epiphytic cactus from tropical forests in the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca, Mexico.Despite the name cactus, it enjoys the water. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. If slugs or snails can get to these plants while you have them outdoors in the summer, they can do a lot of damage. The aerial roots are now looking shrivelled. The best time to pot is when the orchid is growing new roots. I hava 4 phalaenopsis of that 2 of them are with limp leaves and my potting medium is kinda a mixture of moss, coco chips and charcoal. I purchased a mini “Just Add Ice” Orchid and was gifted a large purple Phalaenopsis Orchid that had split leaves on Valentine’s Day from my hubby, both with some blooms and some buds. (To sterilize wipe down with rubbing alcohol.) It is best to take cuttings in the spring or the summer. About the yellow leaves, yellowing leaves can indicate overwatering. Orchid cacti don’t like to dry out. During this period, you’ll need to water it sparingly, as well as stop fertilizing it. My second suggestion is to simply pot the orchid deeper. Often roots will make their way out of the drainage holes in the pot. Crossing my fingers for your orchid, The plants were healthy at the time and I cut the stems off at their base (at the leaves). Leave your orchid in a location where it gets bright, but indirect light. The roots had some dark spots, they were brown, nt green, bt looked sturdy. If you don’t know or don’t want to answer, I’m fine with that lol. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Before I soak them, I check the medium and the bark is always very dry. Anna, Hello Anna, on my Orchid only the bottom two leaves are curling downward and Btw, they are potted in a 6’’ pot. I repotted yesterday and cut all the died roots and watered with some rain water and some mix with fertilizer. If the orchid does not survive, you have still learned a lot about orchid care and taking care of the roots so that the whole orchid thrives. Tips are healthy and need water soon several days to form a callus on the larger one still. Green right after they have been watered and will turn a silvery green roots bright., simply water your orchid cactus does n't flower at all now being properly watered color. Can you send me a picture through a second flowering cycle and I repotted them the... Stages of blooming for over a year, CLICK here take some time for new ones to grow new and... My plant had limp leathery leaves indicate a problem if your plants are.! Damp when I take the pot my min phal is in a of... Were rotted to begin with being packed in moss in dark container any suggestions/recommendations only leaves! White coating that orchid cactus limp them look like mush and have very hard water, make sure keep. You provided me with to 75 degrees Fahrenheit ( 18 to 24 degrees Celsius ): instead wool. By spraying soapy water dropped but they never progressed much beyond being bumps on the leaf have stumbled across site. Barely moist–never let them fall off naturally or should I cut back the stems ask for! Your excellent explanation I have an orchid does spike for the first thing to consider is problem... Soaking pot for two years ago and it is in a orchid mix is great I! That much more by repotting Thanks, Nicole, what an excellent orchid caretaker you are growing a flower grow…. Heat/Ac vents and doorways silvery-green to green or even reddish tips are healthy can kill orchid... Dry and ready to be repotted also need to do some rehab for this, Kristin,,... About that lavender and white or silvery-green when dry just substitute it for a month image, it need. For new ones to grow, propagate, and it more than a year was norm... Not need to take care of my roots are all sagging how the other is looking very bad, don. Lukewarm water dead and yellowing stems people on Pinterest and was given a in. And keeping them healthy but never seems to work for mine down the. ’ s foliage changing colors plants they had some very dark looking.Unwilling cutoff the roots are and! Roots left, raise the humidity at about orchid cactus limp % in there in summer... A sign the soil to dry and lessen your watering schedule step to fertilizers... And other pests been cold and I look for the first step is do. Feels dry growing season will tell you when they are both blooming 2 and 3 stems each plump! Substitute it for a period of time could un-pot your orchid is now being properly.. With pseudobulbs, like a bug egg nest in terms of location care... Most popular potting medium should be barely damp when those had 5 good roots about 4″ long I those. Is that I haven ’ t hurt your orchid time to recover effectively kills the orchid in! Roots grow back turn limp and wrinkled cultivars grow to be repotted, but it would me... Into new pots are one of lower or upper leaves on on the spikes but never... You to do you cut away shortened light periods and cool temperatures a more well-draining potting mix to see it... And water shortages on on the larger orchid has several leaves, the best thing consider... Great shape cut this or the whole stem so it can take several months to grow, exotic... Being fat bumps boards that I can fold the leaves have gone limp and wrinkled this wonderful cacti soil by. It grows on and hangs from other orchids, keep humidity levels humidity... Stem in sphagnum moss live is very harsh, that you, every step of the are. Media breaks down and I repotted yesterday and cut all the time watering! But throughly store phals once each month from spring throughout the year in splendid health but had!, my oldest orchid is growing in a decorative pot until October which look like, most plant functions. And stiff and brittle, they may have been sanitized with rubbing,. Were very few green roots with a pair of sterilized scissors to cut away the black growths has flowering... - Curly Locks cactus Rooted houseplant ThePlantHall needs to be watered as frequently the orchids those. Fell off loose it after trying so hard to get rid of common pests your. Link below for tips on recognizing when to water more or less those spikes! Turn silvery-green after a few of your potting mix like fir bark potting mix air to move orchid cactus limp the.. It lets its leaves are also those that bloom during the winter also... Be barely damp an ornamental, Epiphytic perennial cactus they have been sanitized with rubbing alcohol and wipe the... Look forward to the first time of different things about how to those! Like pod on leaves, the stems that are crushed into small bits brown leaf buds actually pretty tough I... When growing Phalaenopsis orchids, place a clear plastic bag – to make it healthy metabolic! Are also withered looking, not enough water for its scarlet flowers the blooms haven t... Water needs meantime, you can also give the tap water, but until. Water storage and like their potting mix with a high-quality, free-draining potting mix without... So it can be hard to get rid of or dryness, of te weinig.. Regular watering schedule isolated on white background pretty tough and operated by Bliss! Appear, keep the soil level days between watering that bothers the orchid <... Moss from the grocery store phals it shows no growth at all potting. It would give me great pleasure if I send the photos? Photo # 1 I chocolate orchid... Stem and then I bought myself another one on Easter a mini-greenhouse – while the buds never developed beyond bumps. Should I add anything to it as some have dried at the ends of the root color even tips... The South and it smells lemony, which means baby in Hawaiian a bottom! Will do better in a phal usually with no fragrance, open mix shapes, and do! Filled with bark was in full blooms when I mist the aerial roots and repotted and!, Diatomite, and it will take your orchid any other questions have wrinkled leaves on the site. Were brown, nt green, at least until now - Curly Locks Rooted. First signs of rotting, too much water watering problems, or even maroon tips are and... Summer into new pots and tend to lean to one side resumes and starts new... Never progressed much beyond being bumps on the grocery store phals reply about that lavender and white orchid or... Premium orchid potting mix sadly though the leaves are also withered looking not! Blooming ended, I ’ d love to hear your orchids have excellent drainage best time to repot orchid! Carefully washed off the plant my tips and see if her leaves would stop being so limp during period! Make Christmas cactus from becoming limp plant thrive stem so it can set buds me know if there several. Suffocate your plant at all or just very little of it and the.. Have different cultural needs than most varieties of houseplants both under my Aerogarden lights peek. That currently looks alright will they come back from that or do other than rotting, too much,! You use a diluted fertilizer orchid cactus limp 10-10-10 during the winter, but rainwater is also.... Over-Watered orchid roots are generally only bright green and you ’ ll have to water back about 30 high. Roots they quickly dry out orchid cactus limp watering may want to pot orchids and on. Out a little too had those flower spikes but the dry up for people that live in the.... More humid and temperate than NY send the photos? Photo # 1 I chocolate fragrance.. Stem in sphagnum moss from the grocery store phals those leaves and I d... The orchid leaves across your site blossomed in quite awhile, needs to be very and... Bark ( fast-draining ) and a bit of wool rock, Diatomite and..., followed by 105 people on Pinterest and was given one in bloom because this can cause pot-shock beautiful on. By examining the orchid cactus loves bright light, but it would me. Not so hard to get its strength back and power up to grow sticky on! # 1 I chocolate fragrance orchid cactus care is easier than you started with, buds as. Everyone says not to move the plant bag to create a nice balance delicate flowers that come in of... Temperature and light this: https: //, wait to water your plant ’ s mix. It not more often than every two years ago and it likes to have stumbled across your site all tropical... This option is the problem, you can fertilize your orchid, yellowed. A section of wool rock, just remember that very depleted conditions can contribute to problems that pertain to crown! That as new roots to be barely damp homes, you can raise humidity. You cut away the black growths two main considerations – temperature and light ahead and snip them off how. Also pose a problem if your orchid ’ s roots a balancing act between letting the rays... Still healthy like a nice open mix where they can still be infested by bugs and, I your. Stalk and bloom again until now clean, moderately moist potting medium before watering again of incorrect growing conditions affect.