This grip is usually claimed to be the most popular of all grip styles which is taught by golf instructors predominantly. Post Mar 30, 2010 #3 2010-03-30T16:12. Golf pros do not use double overlapping grips, as a rule. The way the hands connect to each other on the golf grip can vary along three main variants. I so wanted the overlap to work that I ignored the fact it felt unnatural. Actually, you may be surprised to learn that a number of golf teaching professionals (mainly non-USGTF members) do not know how to properly teach the grip, nor do they have a firm understanding of the cause and effect associated with the three grips. A good grip is one of the most basic elements of a fundamentally sound golf swing. Spent several years struggling to find consistency. While the overlapping grip is the most commonly used style on the PGA Tour, it's interesting to note that many of golf's greatest players favored the interlocking style. Quote; Share this post. Interlocking Grip . 109. My current theory is that an interlocking or overlap grip might prevent my tendency to roll my wrists shut and thus help prevent the snap hooks that plague me. Although this grip is becoming more and more popular throughout the golf world, beware before moving to this style. Switched back to the interlock a few years ago and will NEVER switch again. That is something that is difficult to tell when reading the book. I’m pretty sure I first learned about it when reading Tiger’s book “How I Play Golf.” So I set out to try the Vardon Overlap Grip, as it’s also known, for every club in the bag. If you are a right handed golfer, the overlap grip places your right pinkie on top of the left index finger. The result is typically scooped or thin contact that produces fat or sculled shots. Our final grip today is the one I personally use when I golf, the interlock grip. How To Use The Vardon Golf Grip. Types of Golf Grip. Interlock just feels right for me. Vardon Overlap Grip. My golf mentor was a Life Member of the PGA . During the period when Vardon introduced the grip, his typical way of holding golf clubs brought about the title that we all know as overlap. The answer to this problem, i.e., the problem of maintaining the angles, lies someplace else, other than with double overlapping grips. Without the grip, none of us are even playing the game. The Overlap (Vardon), Interlocking and Baseball (10 Finger) grips are explained below. Even after hearing these things I still think about it, will the grip hold up over the years especially if i plan to play at the higher levels of golf, will it be as consistent as the interlocking\overlap grip. The instructions found below are based on a right handed golfer – so be sure to reverse them if you play the game left handed. The position of your hands on the club also affects the flight of the ball. How To Grip A Golf Club. It was uncomfortable and I “topped” quite a few shots. A lover of golf and the constant pursuit for your perfect swing! Tests fractionnés . Don’t argue with what feels natural, as that will always be your best choice. This was named after the famous golfer Harry Vardon who championed this grip in the late 1800’s. The very nature of this hold heightens your awareness of hand placement and helps you maintain stability in your grip. In golf, the only connection a player has with the golf club is the grip. He used this grip and had me switch in 1980. This helps in getting better impact and more consistent golf shots. The following tips apply to right-handed players--if you're left-handed, reverse the hand positions on the club. As I got near the bottom of the comment, I noticed it was written by Russ. jono_007. If you have smaller hands, then you should probably stick with the interlock grip. The interlocking golf grip has its pros and cons over the 10-finger or baseball golf grip. The forefinger of the left hand overlaps one, two, or three of the right hand fingers. Remember that there is no one best grip for all players. After trying nearly every grip, stance, swing start, swing finish and swing thought. Of course it led me here. Post Mar 15, 2004 #5 2004-03-15T14:26. To alleviate this tendency, learn to make your hands work together by experimenting with the triple-overlap grip. This, along with the ease of adaptation, has caused the overlap grip to be one of golf’s most popular grips. double overlap golf grip video, double overlap grip, double overlap grip david leadbetter, double overlap grip golf, double overlapping golf grip, double overlapping grip, double overlaps , hand placement using double overlap grip, jim furyk double overlap grip, long drive double overlap grip, triple overlap golf grip , variations of double overlap golf grip. If you search the Internet for “double-overlap grip,” chances are good that you will get a lot of hits for the words “overlap” and “grip”… and virtually no useful information on the double-overlap grip itself.