AWO CAREER PATH (NAVAL AIRCREWMAN OPERATOR) 5 FTS - Full Time Support (formerly TAR = Training and Administration of the Reserve). Members of the IRR, with the exception of VTU and SSOs, are not eligible. FTS Aircrew Program. Navy Full-Time Support (FTS) is a program that allows Navy Reservists to perform in positions as full-time active duty members, supporting the Navy Reserve Force. save. The description of the Naval Aircrew Rate (AW) on this page define only the "Active Duty" aspects of the AW rate, fleets (aircraft), positions, and duties that … Often there are jobs in the military that are understaffed. Major shore commands, such as the Chief of Naval Operations. Is It Possible to Enlist Again If You Have Prior Service? Each TYCOM has their own application procedure. General Science (GS): General principles of biological and physical sciences - includes 25 items that are to be completed in 11 minutes. hide. For assignment information, officers should contact the respective FTS Officer Detailer in, Address Correspondence to: Attn: PERS-### or BUPERS-###. FTS officers are assigned to billets worldwide providing essential active duty support to the Navy Reserve in the areas of manpower management, personnel administration, mobilization training, logistics, financial management, facilities management, and aviation support (references MILPERSMAN Articles 1001-020 and 1301-221). Aircrew performs numerous in-flight duties and operates aircraft systems in turbojet, helicopter, or propeller aircraft. There are a lot of squadrons available for an FTS AM, and NO, you will not be going to a NOSC. It incorporates a very challenging physical regime with skills and training to be able to operate the various systems required for … The only negative news from the open FTS jobs in the Navy is that there is minimal opportunity for re-enlistment bonuses. And most of the needs for a position in the FTS are for E-6 and below sailors with less than 14-years of service. Navy aircraft are among the most complex in the world. Please enable scripts and reload this page. “Full Time Support,” or FTS for short, is the program, established under the authority of US law, found at 10 US Code 12310, for reservists to enter extended periods of active duty for the sole purpose of assisting in some facet the manpower, equipment, training, organization, etc., of … They send candidates to the Naval Air Crew Candidate School. The Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) system supplements the enlisted rating structure in identifying personnel on active or inactive duty and billets in manpower authorizations. The Full Time Support (FTS) Officer Program consists of Reserve officers on active duty responsible for managing, organizing, administering, and training the Navy's Reserve Component (RC). Depending on your skills and training, you may be eligible for more active duty time and be a part of the Full-Time Support Mission of the Navy. It is located at Pensacola, Florida. Full-Time Support (FTS) detailing supports the enlisted personnel who train and administer the Navy Reserve. Just selected aircrew program any current sailors that have this rate can explain more about their duties, outlook, bases, training etc. They coordinate the operational, administrative, and aircrew scheduling functions for the organization. The detachment consists of eight Full-Time Support (FTS) and eight Selected Reserve (SELRES) pilots, 45-50 FTS maintainers, eight active-duty and eight SELRES aircrew. Navy Aircrew Wings The Aircrewman Program is a six-year enlistment program guaranteeing an initial flying assignment as a flight crewmember in fixed wing or helicopter aircraft and provides for training via various Class “A” Schools for a specific service rating within the Naval Aircrewman (AW) general rating. Navy Aircrewman Duty Pay Per OPNAVINST 3710.7T (NATOPS), Enlisted crew-members are divided into three general categories: Career Crew-members, Non-career Crew-members, and Non-crewmembers. this Website. Typically, Naval Reservists are continuing their military service after serving active duty for less than 20 years. Career Crew member (also known as Career enlisted flyers). In addition to operational duties, all AWOs are required to maintain minimum Naval Aircrew standards as well as maintain a SECRET or higher security clearance. Operational units, such as Navy Reserve Force ships and Reserve air squadrons. US Navy Aircrew. However, some programs allow for the Reservists to go active duty for a short period (weeks or months) or an extended period (years or full deployments). The Naval Aircrewman rating (known as Aviation Warfare Systems Operator or AW prior to 2008) is an enlisted rating of the US Navy. Aircrew Readiness Managers (Tactical Helicopter) are crucial and integral members of staffs, operational commands, and squadrons. Enlisted FTS personnel may be assigned to: The Navy calls their enlisted jobs "ratings." However, some Reservists joined directly to the Reserves, received basic training, follow-on training, and like their former active duty counter-parts serve one weekend a month and two weeks a year.