This $22 Standing Desk Is The Ultimate Ikea Hack. I decided to keep the width of the tabletop to just the cabinet base itself, and didn't include overhang to account for the drawers sticking out a little further. See more ideas about desk, studio desk, home studio music. But if you have a small space and want a small depth to accommodate, the 12 inch size is an option as well. And now that we’ve moved and setup the desk again, we’ve added pieces of wood underneath that make it look like a kick toe at the bottom, to raise the height for my husband to use. did you use short legs on the cabinet or are they resting directly on the floor? So, the final measurement for my wood desktop piece was 20 inches wide x 87.5 inches long. Also, I don’t see handles, how is the opening mechanism? Hope that helps. This is a quick low-tech solution for a standing desk made possible by Ikea. The piece serves two functions at once (hello, storage) and allows you the space to move to a regular sit-down desk when you need a break. Can I afford a Standing Desk? Dec 7, 2011 - Materials: Expedite shelving units Description: Overview: A large standing desk using Expedite shelving parts. Made in USA. You will not have to spend more than $22 to quickly turn your existing desk into an elegant standing desk and find a good place to use your laptop or monitor. I'd imagine I'd need to get spacers ( like these ) between the Alex drawers and the countertop to fit the stand desk bracket between the bottom of the desk so the drawers can still remain under the desk. Hi Vela. This desk has a visible DIY charm that makes it look extra comfortable and homey. This desk, with the 20 inch deep cabinets, feels quite stable when assembled and has some good heft to it too, weight wise, but I would  still recommend anchoring it to the wall, as I would every piece of furniture in the home, if you have kids. With our new Do – It – Yourself (DIY) kit you can convert an inexpensive IKEA desk into a highly functional and adjustable standing desk. Adjustable to eight different heights (39.25″ to 48″ / 99.7cm to 121.9cm). The two look incredible together. The cardboard worked like a charm for me and you can barely see it at all when the doors are open (and obviously can’t see it at all when the doors are closed). IKEA Family. *And if you opt for the 12 inch deep cabinets instead of the 20 inch, it would be even more important to anchor it to the wall. Before staying at home full-time became her reality, Brittni Mehlhoff, the DIY-er and blogger behind Paper & Stitch, created a makeshift standing desk out of two IKEA Ivar cabinets and a pine board. But after chatting with someone who has the same cabinets (and no gap) - thanks Molly - I realized the gap could be fixed. Tuck in a counter stool (or something similar) when you want to stand and pull it out when your legs need a rest. Another big bonus, for sure! So when I was designing my home office space I wanted to create a way to stand while working at my computer. I pushed my cabinets as far back to the wall as they could go and then measured from the wall to the front of the cabinets to determine my desired width. The peg rail is from an Etsy shop called Henry + Elle: Can’t wait to see how your desk turns out when it’s all finished. With our collection of 15 cheap and easy DIY Ikea desk hacks, you can totally rule out that probability. Reply. Transform a classic and not-too-expensive IKEA dresser into a DIY standing desk. Plus, these cabinets have A LOT of storage. 5. To build a standing desk like this one you’ll have to get two main items: Thanks Rebecca. I can fit so much more in each cabinet than I had expected. Take a look at our affordable sit stand desks, which can be easily adjusted with a crank handle. At IKEA you’ll find gaming desks optimized for a gamer set-up, ergonomic office desks, space-saving corner desks and everything in between. So you don’t have to worry about cutting through materials that will completely crumble under a saw. Sitting for long periods isn’t healthy and after a while you back may start to hurt. Build your own Desk Planner. Thanks Paige! The bulk of this Ikea hack involves putting the IVAR cabinets together. You may also like these IKEA sit stand desk hacks #1 Expedit standing desk. ... 24 responses to “ DIY Adjustable Standing Desk from Steel Pipe & Ikea Countertop ” Jodi shores says: June 27, 2014 at 2:53 am Great idea Sharon. Profitez de prix IKEA toute l'année √ A clever way to combine storage, stability and standing desk health benefits, this IKEA standing desk hack uses KALLAX (formerly EXPEDIT) shelves, BULLIG storage cubes, another KALLAX shelf in a different configuration, and a large LACK shelf to create a deep, multi-functional desk. Haha. Next is the desktop. I used the larger ones. In these photos, from my previous home setup, I just put a tiny bit of cardboard underneath (that couldn’t be seen) to lift the cabinet doors ever so slightly off the ground, so they wouldn’t hit the floor. If you have experience with power tools, it's a pretty quick and easy job. The pieces that will need to be cut are: the doors, the side pieces of the cabinet, and the back. You can also change the height of this DIY standing desk from what I have pictured to something taller, by attaching short legs to the cabinets before installing. Just to be safe. I love this hack for a sewing room… where can I purchase the long peg shelf that hangs above the desk? I love this standing desk set up! $22 IKEA standing desk. The hinges are not soft close, so I can’t speak to that. DIY standing desk with IKEA Hemnes dresser. Are the hinges soft close? This can be great for your health, as too much sitting can have adverse health effects. Thanks for sharing this. Just add one screw to each of the corners (even nails can work) to keep things from shifting around. Apr 22, 2017 - Explore Nikiforov's board "Ikea Standing Desk" on Pinterest. So you can do both! Nederkoorn named … You can keep the pine cabinets and desktop as is, or stain them, or paint them. At 48″ high, it’s high enough for a tall person to rest their elbows on. Hi there, quick question: which ivar cabinet did you use, the 80x30x83 cm or the 80x50x83 cm ? Hi Brittni – LOVE the desk – making it this month as new project for my guest room. You will have to cut down some of the pieces of the cabinet before they’re assembled though. So, today I'm sharing a DIY standing desk (IVAR Ikea hack) that has completely transformed my workspace at home. More about the IVAR cabinets: For a really long standing desk (with even more storage), you can add additional cabinets and just adjust the length of the desktop to accommodate. For instance, this standing desk is a mix between a tabletop from IKEA and a mid-century present day credenza the proprietor as of now had in the house. See more ideas about ikea standing desk, standing desk, desk. DIY Standing Desk with IKEA Hemnes Dresser from Simple Home Simple Life But ultimately decided that a standing desk option was a better option for what I needed in the space (more storage and something great for doodling, working on small projects, etc. Once the completed cabinets are in place, measure the length from the end of one cabinet to the end of the other to determine the length needed for the piece of wood that will turn it into a desk. Back to top Share. Which you can see in the above – look at the afters to see how much the gap was closed with the below method. Besides you always can work half day sitting, half day standing. Either way, make sure to give the edges a quick sand (I like to use an electric sander) to remove any splinters, etc. -Brittni. 10 DIY IKEA Alex/Alex Ekby Hacks To Try Now, 9 Comfortable And Easy To Make DIY Lap Desks, 15 Hack Ways To Use IKEA Vittsjo Desk At Home, 24 Floating Desks That Inspire To Work And Create, 75 The Coolest Storage And Organizing Ideas of 2018, DIY Paper Olaf And Elsa From Frozen For Kids, Ocean-Inspired Origami Interactive Paper Crafts, 45 Wonderful Paper And Cardboard DIY Christmas Decorations, 35 Cool And Easy DIY Busy Boards For Toddlers, 22 Simple Holly Berry Christmas Décor Ideas, 26 Wall Christmas Trees To Save The Space, 12 Fun DIY Christmas Crafts Of Pipe Cleaners. What a great IKEA hack! Hi Lae, You could definitely add legs to yours. I decided to keep the width of the tabletop to just the cabinet base itself, and didn’t include overhang to account for the drawers sticking out a little further. The red shelf also makes it pop a little and it’s a nice way of customizing the design. Anyone combine DIY standing desk kit with an IKEA countertop along with the Alex drawers? So you don't have to worry about cutting through materials that will completely crumble under a saw. -Brittni. You've read that sitting is the new smoking right? By Katie Sola. For me, this height works great (but I am on the shorter side), so if you need more height, here are a few options… You could add legs to the bottom of the cabinets, add an additional smaller cabinet on top of the IVAR cabinets, or create a wood ‘box’ that fills the rest of the height you are looking for. Standard desk height is 29-30 inches and the cabinets are roughly 33 inches heigh. You may ask why but if you work at home you probably already know the answer. With all of the changes you can make to this one to get it to exactly what you need it to be, this IVAR Ikea hack feels like a real winner as far as DIY standing desks are concerned. And unlike my last DIY desk project (which I also REALLY love), the storage on this one has doors! So cutting a few inches off the doors, sides, and back before assembly will get you down to standard height. Lots of options depending on your needs. It's a kit to modify a Vika Artur setup from IKEA into an adjustable standing desk. Great idea. The GALANT cable management tray is used to store cables. You will have to cut down some of the pieces of the cabinet before they're assembled though. Try this option for people who like a good IKEA hack in their lives. I looked around at many EXPEDIT standing-desk hacks but wasn’t satisfied with most of the arrangements. Then measure the width needed. The length is extremely customizable, since the cabinets can be spread apart more or less than I did for mine. I wonder if the Eket legs from ikea would work there.. Here’s a planning tool for you to combine top and legs to a place where you can sit down and do the stuff you love to do. Thank you for the super clear directions, too! The peg rail is from Henry + Elle (on Etsy). Here is an awesome hack to make an Ikea hack standing desk for much much less. I’ve been looking for something just like it. The more reasonable approach might be to convert your existing desk to a standing desk, through DIY methods till you are sure or become used to standing. Once the cabinets are assembled, slide them to the area you are planning on using them in, spacing them out at least 20 inches from one another to allow a space to stand in the middle or pull up a counter stool, etc. See more ideas about diy standing desk, stand up desk, ikea standing desk. At 73″ width, it’s large enough to hold a bunch of gear AND eat meals on. The problem with those old desks though were that neither one of them had any storage whatsoever, so it didn’t take long to realize I needed to come up with a better solution that would help organize and consolidate the clutter AND look better than what I currently had. If you have experience with power tools, it’s a pretty quick and easy job. Following are some ways you can convert your existing desk to a standing desk: IKEA Hack. BUT I also already had not one but TWO desks in my workspace at home, so it didn’t really feel like the ‘right’ time to add another. I went with the 20 inch deep option for more storage and stability. Easily and comfortably manage your work at home with these classy DIY Ikea desk hacks. It's highly functional, with plenty of storage, but doesn't take up too much room. So curious. -Brittni. Can you share manufacturer name or style? Update 4/8/20: Since I’ve received some questions about the peg rail shelf above the desk, I’m included the link here. Originally, I had planned to add decorative pieces to each door at the gap, to conceal the gap and add a clean, simple handle for each door. Credit: Source . And last but not least, you can also customize how much storage you have underneath, to a certain extent, with extra cabinets if desired. Solid oak construction. Email yourself the link for quick access on your desktop or laptop computer later: Send email. For more details check out Blogjunkie. Put together IKEA Expedit units too to make adorable desks and save a lot of space by installing wall-mounted desks on twin tracks. Great utilization of resources!! What do you think of this Ikea hack desk? #2 LINNMON ADILS standing desk. I love IVAR cabinets too. Assuming you like the height of my standing desk as-is, you’d assemble the cabinets exactly according to the Ikea instructions. And then when you attach the hinges at the end, you’ll have to create new holes for the top or bottom set (depending on where you cut from), but that’s it. DIY Standing desk. Standing Desk.. Ikea Standing Desk. do they still sell them, do you know? Ikea Standing Desk Room Arrangement Ideas Ikea Expedit Kallax Stand Up Desk … After making this DIY desk a while back, I had all these ideas for another. You may ask why but if you work at home you probably already know the answer. Also LOVE the area rug in photo. I could picture that 12 inch depth being used as more of a decorative element that provides some storage, rather than a super functional desk space. Would you please be able to let me know where you got the row of hooks with the little shelf? $79 for our kit plus about $100 in IKEA Vika elements. This DIY standing desk is made of two Kallax (formerly Expedit) cubes, topped with a Linnmon tabletop, and propped up with Capita legs. With the exception of the back of the cabinet (which is masonite), everything that would need to be cut is solid wood. I pushed my cabinets as far back to the wall as they could go and then measured from the wall to the front of the cabinets to determine my desired width. You can have the wood cut down to size at the home improvement store to make it easier. Thanks for sharing, I love it! Le n°1 du mobilier et de la décoration en France → Découvrez nos produits, nos solutions et conseils d'aménagement. Assuming you like the height of my standing desk as-is, you'd assemble the cabinets exactly according to the Ikea instructions. Can you tell me where you got the peg rail above it? This desk has a noticeable DIY beguile that influences it to look additional agreeable and familiar. Thank you! Tuck in a counter stool (or something similar) when you want to stand and pull it out when your legs need a rest. Hi Mar! *There are two depths available for the IVAR cabinets – 12 inches deep and 20 inches deep. Sorry about that. I myself plan to make one in the nearest feature. I now have both, so I don’t have to choose. IKEA Expedit to DIY Standing Desk. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.