A Letter from CEO

Thank you, everyone for participating. This was an amazing journey. To the tens of thousands that have participated, I genuinely want to thank you for your support. The ICO has now come to an end. The Ceyron Exchange platform will be LIVE for a everyone from 11 October 2018. So once we launched the Exchange, everyone can join and sell their Ceyron tokens or other crypto such as BTC, LTC, ETH etc. So we request all of you to request for the withdrawal of your CEY token to Ceyron exchange or any ERC20 compatible wallet such as MetaMask, MEW.

this was an incredible journey. We didn’t give up, so thank you for not giving up on us. We are about to built some amazing things. An ICO should always be considered debt to the community, never the end game. And, as the story goes… the real work starts now! Thank you again, everyone, from the bottom of my heart.

Let’s now create history together!


You can send Ceyron just as easily as an e-mail. It does not matter where you live in, you can send and receive Ceyron in seconds.  
We use decentralized blockchain technology, so no centralized third party to trust. Transactions are performed directly between the users.  
Ceyron will supply only 250 million coins. So prices tend to rise, when demand is high and the number of coins that remain is not increased.
Ceyron Exchange Coming Soon..!

Ceyron is a decentralized exchange that seeks to improve the liquidity of crypto-assets that’s more transparent and secure than the centralized counterparts currently in the market today. Ceyron is an ecosystem that’s built and operated by a network of likeminded partners across the globe in a decentralized network. Its core is based on the Graphene Blockchain Library that’s highly efficient and secure, able to scale up to over 100,000 trades per second with its delegated proof of stake consensus.

Ceyron utilizes the LMAX high-speed matchmaking engine based on the graphene program to achieve a matching capability of millions transactions per second. The system’s nodes will be efficient and safe blockchain packaging services through DPOS consensus. In the future, increased scalability will come from the adoption of EOS.

We believe that, by bringing innovations into the protocol layer to facilitate easy and secure transactions, the application layer to improve user experience, and by injecting commercial and operational expertise could all help to greatly augment the adoption of a decentralized exchange. Towards that end, Ceyron brings the following set of improvements and capabilities to bear.

Ceyron(CEY) Token Sale

CEY Tokens are functional utility smart contracts within the Fund. CEY Tokens are non-refundable. CEY Tokens are not for speculative investment. No promises of future performance or value are or will be made with respect to CEY Tokens, including no promise of inherent value, no promise of continuing payments, and no guarantee that CEY Tokens will hold any particular value. CEY Tokens are not securities and are not a participation in the Company. CEY Tokens hold no rights in the Company.

CEY Tokens are digital tokens that will be issued to the investor(s) and represent beneficial ownership interests in a separate class of non-voting equity shares in Ceyron. Legal title of the tokens will be held in trust by Loyal Agency & Trust Corp (“LATC” or the “Nominee”) for the token holders, and token holders will hold a beneficial interest in Ceyron Finance Ltd. The Nominee is independent of and not involved in the management or operation of the Fund or Fund Manager described below.

Offering: CEY Token – An Ethereum-based smart contract digital token representing beneficial ownership in non-voting shares in CEY, which will be held by Loyal Agency & Trust Corp in trust for the holders of the CEY Tokens.

Token Name: Ceyron

Token Symbol: CEY

Contract Address: 0xebc71036a37451e87cc43af8ae7ac123aa750dcb

Decimals: 8

Price Per Token: $0.10 USD per CEY Token

Number of Tokens for Sale: 250,000,000

Start of Token Pre-Sale: 2/16/18

End of Token Pre-Sale: 3/15/18

Pre-Sale Discount: 25%, 15%, 5%

Start of Token Sale:3/16/18

Soft Cap: 2 Million USD

Hard Cap: 45 Million USD

Start of Bounty Registration: 02/15/2018

End of Token Sale: When Hard cap is reached

Currencies Accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, PayPal and Credit/Debit card

PS: Each of the times and dates in the above timetable is subject to change at the absolute discretion of CFL.


The moment you acquire CEY, the world opens to you.
Ceyron Exchange
The dedicated Ceyron exchange site allows you to buy and sell your CEY and other crypto currency.
Spending while traveling
Life without fees. Your card will always be treated as a local currency card and you will get perfect interbank exchange rates, whenever you are.
Anyone can run the wallet and transact with the same anonymity as Bitcoin.
Transfer Money Easily
Just like Bitcoin, it can be sent anywhere, whenever and wherever you want.
No Barriers
Send & receive international payments without any third party involvement.
Ceyron CardComing Soon..!

The CEY Card will be a physical, virtual, and debit MasterCard with mobile application which will allow for the use of twenty (20) foreign currencies from a single card. In the marketplace for similar lifestyle cards, in addition to a per transaction fee, most cards charge a percentage of the market rate of the spread of the currency exchange. Customers who travel to multiple countries with various forms of currency inevitably run into the “Cash Withdrawal Fee” and “Currency Transaction Fee.” These charges are often a percentage of the transaction plus a flat fee, industry-leading fees are between 2.75% – 2.99%.

Ceyron Debit CardAvailable

Our cards are issued with CHIP capability, most of them with Contactless technology, too. What does this mean?

CHIP (also called EMV) is a technology of making your debit card far more secure and very hard to copy or clone. With CHIP cards your confidential information is far safer than with old-fashioned magnetic stripe technology and card authorisations, such as when you buy something, are faster, more reliable and far more secure. This technology is standardised worldwide and your CHIP enabled debit card can be used and is compatible everywhere (where Mastercard is accepted).

Contactless (formerly called paypass) is a card technology that allows for quick payment for small personal purchases in shops etc. by just tapping or waving the card at a card terminal. No PIN or signature is needed for small amount purchases. There are protections against accidental or double payments. Contactless replaces cash for small payments.


Period Milestones/ Targets
Q1 2018 ICO starts
Q4 2018 Listing on crypto exchanges
Q1 2019 •     Build a secured credit portfolio with the Fund;

•     Expand CEY Debit Card plan and capabilities, integrate strategic partner Debit Cards with CEY Debit Card and extend the local fiat debit card capabilities including crypto wallets;

•     Hire engineers for integrating to build out cryptocurrency exchange and Debit Card features.

•     Launch of the CEY Debit Card Program, in which CEY intends to open approximately fifteen thousand (15,000) to twenty thousand (20,000) cards worldwide.

Q2 2019 Complete the cryptocurrency exchange and include cross exchange trading capabilities, increase the tokens listed on such exchange to other ERC20 tokens, and complete seamless integration of these exchange platforms to debit cards.
Q1 2020 Build decentralized applications to solve for complex banking needs, like smart contracts to facilitate the payment of sales tax at point of sale terminals.

Our Team

Dr. Nolen M. Ellison

The Seed CenterKC, Inc, Kansas City, USA
Professor Emeritus – University of Missouri Kansas City Bloch School
Missouri Schutte Endowed Professor – Urban Affairs and Leadership

John Daniels

Former Banker at Citibank, Kansas City, USA
Park University, Kansas City, USA

Kevin Massala

Former Banker at Citibank, Kansas City, USA
Professor, Affiliated to CityU School of Management (Seattle, WA)

Donald Baylis

Former Banker at Citibank, Kansas City, USA

Olivia Cottle
Social Media

Former Agent at Woolworth Financial Services, Cape Town, SA

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-12 at 15.05.07 (1)
Vishal Savaliya
Blockchain & Technology Solutions Head

10 years of wholistic knowledge in full stack development, IT solutions and blockchain development.

Sushuke Yoshihara
Community Development Manager, Japan
Andrey Romanov
Community Development Manager, Russia
Chun Hou Lek
Community Development Manager, Malaysia & China
Ziaul Hoque
Community Development Manager, Bangladesh & India
Frecynet Moudzangui
Community Development Manager, Central Africa
Francis Bationo
Community Development Manager, West Africa


Initial coin offering (ICO) is an one type of crowd funding via use of crypto currency, It is secure and transparent mechanism which allows Ceyron to issues digital shares (COIN) in exchange for investments.

Initially, the Pre-sale ICO begins on February 15th 2018. The ICO launches on March 16th, 2018 10:00 AM CET and will last until July 15th 10:00 AM CET.

To learn more about Ceyron project, you can read whitepaper on the website or ask us directly on our support channel

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ceyron/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CeyronICO
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ceyronico/
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HlFUXhLIUYQL88_NtoM4sA

Initially, the Pre-sale ICO begins on February 15th 2018. The purchase of Ceyron will be available on the in ICO dashboard using payment methods: BTC, ETH, LTC

For the ICO, the price of 1 Ceyron is 0.10 USD. The total amount of Ceyron used into project during the project development, funding, media coverage through development of whole project and dividend expectancies will be main form factors for Ceyron exchange rates, once it is listed at cryptocurrency exchanges after ICO.
The initial price of 1 Ceyron is fixed at 0.10 USD during the ICO. The capital that has been placed into the Project during the funding, media coverage through the development of the Project and dividend expectancies will be the main form factors for the Ceyron exchange rate once it is listed at cryptocurrency exchanges after the ICO.

During the ICO minimum deposit amount is $10 USD.

Please select a cryptocurrency from the currency selection menu and enter the number of coins sent. Check the resulting amount of your investment and Ceyron including the bonus.
Create your account using signup link provided on the homepage. Verify your email address and log into the dashboard.
On the dashboard select the cryptocurrency you wish to deposit fund in. Currently, we accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin .
Next, enter the amount of USD you want to invest and click on the “Invest” button.
Once you hit the invest button, the order will be generated and you will see the unique address, where you need to send coins. Also there is an option to scan QR code and send payment.
As soon as you send payment, the order will be in pending status. Once it reaches minimum 6 confirmations, the order will be confirmed and related Ceyron amount will be updated in your dashboard.

Each Ceyron can be split down up to 8 decimal points. The 0.0000001 Ceyron is the smallest fraction. Minimum purchase of Ceyron is $10.00 USD

Based on the research of future markets, we have estimated the maximum amount of funds we would accept. The maximum amount of 70 Million Ceyron is available in ICO.

After the ICO, the Ceyron will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Each Ceyron holder can use their coins in exchanges for trading as well as transfer it to other users or make any international payment.

It is hard to tell at this moment, but we plan to list the CEY token on several top-tier exchanges.

This should happen one to two months after the end of the token sale, which ends in mid-July 2018 (or sooner, if the token issue cap is reached).

The token sale starts on February 15th 2018 (Presale), March 16th, 2018 (ICO sale) and ends on July 15rh (or sooner, if the token issue cap is reached).
The minimum amount of tokens purchased during the token sale is 100 CEY tokens. The bonus during the token sale is up to 30% of the purchase.
To buy tokens, you will be asked to sign up at our website. The purchasing option will be available in your profile.

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and credit card.

Yes, CEY tokens are based on the Etherium platform and are ERC20-compliant.

You can keep CEY tokens in any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens.  For example, in the MyEtherWallet.

The number of issued tokens cap at 250.000.000. For every 80 tokens sold, 15 additional tokens will be issued and retained for the development and technology, 3 additional tokens will be issued and retained for the working capital, and 2 additional tokens will be issued and retained for the expenses program.

We are not a scam. We have a solid fintech-experienced team with a public success-story. With the help of strong advisors and your support we have everything to build a game-changing product.

The hard cap is 45 000 000 USD.

You can use Ceyron Debit Card globally.

For the ICO we will use CoinPayments.net as a rates data provider.

There will be a public purchase agreement soon. After the end of ICO every participant will receive tokens to their ETH wallets in accordance with the purchase agreement and Ethereum-based smart-contract.

Questions about bonuses are reviewed on the individual basis by our leadership team. Please, send us an email to info@ceyronfinance.net

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask us by email at info@ceyronfinance.net.

Easily! We have a step by step guide for you. If you need a personal assistance, please sedn us an email at info@ceyronfinance.net.

  1. With credit or debit card — fast and easy

Good option for insignificant amounts. High fees.



  1. Local buyers and sellers



  1. Exchanges



  1. You don’t have to buy bitcoins

Just register on http://app.ceyron.io/, generate an invoice and send us a wire transfer using your local bank.

No, you don’t need a wallet. You can get your personal bitcoin address for payments in your account on http://app.ceyron.io/.

Ceyron is a revolutionary digital crypto financial company. Our goal is to provide a convenient financial experience all over the world using the power of blockchain technology.

Ceyron has a simple and sustainable transaction-based business model. We receive a profit from every merchants transaction.

In the beginning we plan to operate fiat transactions using the infrastructure of MasterCard linked to our application virtual cards which are issued by licensed banks-partners. Regarding the development of our own payment infrastructure, in some countries this service should get permission easily. We have several operational legal units in different countries.


Product development
Ceyron Finance Ltd
Cedar Hill Crest Villa
Kingstown, VC0100
Saint Vincent & Grenadines