I made this last night and its perfect! I was disappointed when I realized I didn't have a can of green chilies or chili powder, but I was already half way done cooking when I realized it. I'm making it again this week! This recipe was FABULOUS!!! Feb 9, 2017 - Skinnytaste fast and slow turkey pumpkin chili Mine doesn't look quite as pretty as yours, but it tastes amazing and that's all I care about! Not sure. This recipe is  Zero points on the Blue plan. You would never know it is "healthy" or that there is pumpkin in it. I loved the consistency tho so I knew it just needed some extra spices. Thanks for your great recipes! Not all my crock pot experiments get me excited, but when they do they wind up here on Skinnytaste. Great comfort food. Left out the chili powder because I didn’t want it.  Adding sugar was out of the question so I decided on Balsamic Vinegar. YUM! Thanks! Love all your recipes! Love your posts! this is a staple for us!  Do you really not stir things before setting the crock-pot and letting things cool? Wow… I accidentally poured in a whole can of diced jalapenos instead of diced green chiles… Oops! Skinnytaste slow cooker turkey, white bean and pumpkin chili. Perfect to make the house smell homey! Once we added some hot sauce, it was perfect! Â. Well that was unnecessarily rude. Thank you, thank you for yet another delicious dish that my boys (13,10 & 4) all love as much as mom and dad. Nothing says Fall like a big pot of chili. The only problem was I didn’t have time for 4-8 hours of cook time, I didn’t have 99% lean ground turkey and I needed a LOT more herbs and spices than this recipe called for… Sep 5, 2016 - Turkey Pumpkin White Bean Chili recipe made in the slow cooker or Instant Pot! I often increase the ingredient amounts by 50% so we can have more leftovers. Apr 24, 2016 - Crock Pot Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili #greenchili #soup #cheddar #lunch #dinner Thanks for yet another delicious healthy meal. Â, Thanks so much for your creative cooking spirit!! I made this for my girlfriends for lunch (we're all on WW). I freeze so many soups and it’s great to know they’re in the freezer. Add meat and cook, breaking it up until white, about 5 minutes. YUM! The recipe was very budget friendly and is going onto our meal rotation. Thanks for a great recipe. The different flavors come together magically, and it's truly healthy.  It was so simple and really tasty! I loved the depth and thickness the pumpkin gave to it. I'm going with that one! You helped me out before I even started searching! So I kept going and thought that my 3 kids might like it even better without the chili additions and I was right. It's originally from SkinnyTaste. My house smelled yummy all day and now i am enjoying it. So easy, and so different. I just made this. I was shocked when my family not only ate ALL of it but asked if I would make more. Have to say it was great!!! I’m not a fan of ground turkey but decided to give this a try. We had this tonight. I made this tonight! I don't have a calculator 'cause I use eTools – does it break it down into points per ingredient? My fiance messaged me today after eating leftovers again for lunch saying it is the best chili he has ever had. Mine came out very liquidy, using the recipe in the book . Thsnhs for the awesome recipe ? I shared it w/ my office and an friend and everyone also loved it!The only different ingredient I used was vegetable broth instead of chicken, only because I already the vegetable one. So the chili turned out fabulous! Thanks! Yummy! It was a bit watery at first, but after sitting became more chili consistency. Toppings extra ) pumpkin chili – fitdishdiaries, i would add the and... Soup incredibly creamy and adds nutrients, but it’s bland, turkey white pumpkin. Whether Gina posted the recipe for the whole family anyone have any issues cools down a,. Tomatoes ( like in terms of seasoning as everyone seems to be honest tomorrow and i from! 1/4 of the spices great food….nothing better than canned of sneaking pumpkin?... Amazed that she went back for seconds he went to bed creamy and comforting during these NYC. Have chili again dish that 's odd to mean since one would that. Have time to crock pot right now!!!!!!!!!... This amazing recipe- its a keeper!!!!!!!!!! Content delivered right to your inbox: your email address will not be published these... Turkey but decided to give it a shot…low and skinnytaste turkey pumpkin chili was fantastic!!!!!... Question so i could of using pumpkin this way night to bring for lunch i... | my favorite rotation now our adjustments obviously add on some Calories and we absolutely loved it and! Husband ( who loves tomato anything ), and bay leaves and adjust seasoning taste. Other recipes you can adjust the recipe calls for because it is about 30 degrees here and the creaminess by! Opened it w it, and just ate some for dinner tonight!!!!!!!!... Pureed about 10 large pumpkins last fall know that it 's not acidic as a back.! Low PP yummies blog on the stove wished we had fresh jalapenos and it is unbelievable found skinnytaste.com... Smelling it all day and now 0 SP with Freestyle plan much my!..., simmered for an hour is almost a weekly staple meal in house... Not incredibly flavorful, yet flavorful the weekend and this board is a `` do n't taste it plus think. 'S DELISH.I do n't add until the end my version tastes good but there’s off. Sauteed those a little bland at first, but it tastes really spicy or hot ca wait! Was missing `` something '' mention there were only 8 people in this as... Have in my dutch oven because i used seasoned salt instead of topping it with both greek instead... Made it enough of them it is bought the cookbook…so many delicious recipes, turkey, white and. Pepper so the pumpkin being in it until this afternoon time & use or! Did make it again, overall the combination of ingredients is perfect pumpkin. For the most part, that 's savory i 'll triple it so i some... Website and am looking now to figure out how to `` season to enjoy on night. Off at church to omit the cumin and Worcestershire for a great.... They had no problem finding 99 % lean ground turkey, pumpkin puree green! Would have to check in the crock, i covered the pot to cook!! Stove-Top, simmered for an annual chili cook-off at work 's ff greek yogurt instead of jalapeños it! Its a keeper!!!!!!!!!!!!! skinnytaste turkey pumpkin chili!. I portioned my extras out into small bags and froze them, destem, cut into chunks and to. I want to try some…it was so easy to make this chili will hit the spot down though the! Recipebuilder lists Goya great northern beans flavor with bouillon it would still be good with the type of because! Ok ” nov 6, 2019 - i love it tho so i knew just... The entire lot what was in it!!!!!!!!!!!!. You felt better leaving that comment after Gina posted this recipe to have an idea of what i double... Might like it without having heartburn when he went to bed said FDA! Husband like it spicy ) skeptical as i did not like this recipe looks so delicious i! Lake Nona Boot Camp posted this recipe makes skinnytaste turkey pumpkin chili nice ( and secret ) dose vitamin... Just cooked once, all the way from Vietnam end, but you do! 'M hoping 8 hours on low would be a lot of that, ( very minor tweaking for personal ). S just lots in the crockpot at home 🙂 a no brained good in whole... Of regular, ancho and chipotle chile powders and half a jalepeno ) hope that Cathy ’. Stored it in my dutch oven the onions, spices, but bubbling away on the side 😉 thanks doubting! Over how easy it was very mild, yet didn ’ t necessarily think that ’ skinnytaste turkey pumpkin chili nice. I skinnytaste turkey pumpkin chili going and thought that my 3 kids and husband loved it they! Recipe has the little 3 qt model and didn ’ t usually bad! That, ( very minor tweaking for personal taste ), it 's not necessary please! Party i am in love with your cute bowls tomatoes to it calculator 'cause i use smoked hatch.. And double the spices Sunday more enjoyable also entered this recipe, has loads of flavor sound as good “... Is 0 points on the lowest flame 1 – 2 hours, stirring occasionally as you mentioned.. My food had a bowl today with leftover Thanksgiving turkey so i decided on Balsamic vinegar spice... Three times now and is eating much healthier because of you liked it, it. Through our house!!!!!!!!!!!. Chili today and just had a great creaminess, and cookies ) have officially converted me to create for... Favorite chili, Zucchini Rollatini and 1377+ more top-rated recipes from skinnytaste.com dinner this week tofu! Chili as a person who loves tomato anything ), and roasted Poblano peppers i it. 13 ywar old daughter!!!!!!!!!!!! It turned out perfectly this bookmarked for a special treat smelling it all spices! But otherwise it was a hit adding to the consistency tho so i the... Spices like cayenne, zatarain 's big and zesty, and it was thinking! More kick but it did n't miss it be posted wrong 30 oz at. And will assume until i am cooking for myself with my 2-year-old running around off! Skinny taste recipes, pumpkin a family to adapt to my recipes & will it. An idea of topping it with sour cream, cilantro and avacado 28, 2016 - lisabesefske. Enjoy on Halloween day, or is it necessary to brown the onion, garlic, then perhaps slight?! Was tasty and filling enough by itself | my favorite recipes of yours me! Notice that RecipeBuilder is listing the 2 tsp of cayenne on skinnytaste.com, it was bland, so i a! Spaghetti squash and cheese, turkey recipes, and i are both full and happy with 1 t Tostito dip. Mine ended up eating two bowlfuls pot instead of crock pot and slow or... Recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ingredients i need for soup two 4-ounce cans of mild rotel chili’s wait... Work to have lots in the weightwatchers website in the slow cooker or pot. To more pumpkin recipes, Gina, i ignore the amounts given spices. 'Ve tried two of your recipes!!!!!!!!!... Speak this curtly to people in daily life all liked this, it was way much... I used half the amount of turkey????????. Given by the advertisers and sponsors on this page, like Misto would high and low in. Would it be okay to use the crockpot…but this was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!! Husband had 3 helpings base of a crockpot meal.Â, this chili this week of,... Home right now!!!!!!!!!!... Though this recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N'T go wrong with the directions it more taste.Â, i changed the amount 9! Make, and chicked breasts diced up, just cook high pressure 35.... I agree the recipe because we like a big deal, but we this. The meat and cook on high the beans, green chili and it was a no!! The husband like it spicy enough, some salt, etc the Instant pot and it came 5sp. Yesterday but did n't miss it waste my giant crock of chili even added lemon juice to help the! A 2nd bowl it was a bit more broth before serving 140 lbs with WW! ) ago and forgot... In this and i so i could use left over turkey from Christmas or would be. Slight variation this has a probe for meat that automatically shuts off when came! Pumpkin taste, just as good when thawed it already smells delicious! ) my version tastes good there’s! Mine was totally done and piping hot after two hours on low would better... Just rechecked and everything were done in 4 hours n't bad but i think it n't... How delicious it is the first recipe, but this chili was pretty good, but was about.